HIPP descendants...various lines

James Smith of Texas is a descendant of David Hipp...David D. Hipp...John Young Hipp...Margaret Ann Hipp...and is interested in learning more about David Hipp and his relation to Stephen, Sr. His line came from North Carolina through Tennessee to Texas.

Wendell Wilcox of Missouri is descended from Stephen Sr...George Hipp...Samuel Hipp...Mary Ann Elizabeth Hipp. He has gathered much information on Stephen Sr. and his descendants.

Ruth Burdeshaw is descended from George Hipp's line. She has a database of over 2000 descendants of Stephen Hipp, Sr.

Sandra J. Lee Westbrooks of Georgia is a descendant of Stephen Sr...George Hipp...Elijah Hipp...Andrew Jackson Hipp.  For news about Sandra's book on the Hipp family, visit this link.

Anita Kerce Hatcher lives in Texas. She is descended from Stephen Sr...Joseph Hipp...James Hipp...Joseph Hipp...Charles Anderson Hipp of Oklahoma, and she has been searching for the identity of the wife of Joseph Hipp, son of Stephen. She has information on his line.

Jonathan Hipp of Oklahoma is descended from Stephen Sr...Joseph Hipp...James Hipp...Joseph Hipp...Charles Anderson Hipp...John Hipp, and he is distinct from the rest of us in one way, he actually is a Hipp.

Lisa Hipp Maddigan of Texas is descended from Stephen Sr...Valentine Hipp...John Hipp...Nathaniel Hipp who was born in South Carolina, married in Mississippi, and died in Texas...Rufus Hipp...John Hipp...Lloyd Hipp; she and husband Robert maintain the Hipp-L Roots Mailing List.

And me, Donna Johnson of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, a descendant of Stephen Sr...Valentine Hipp...Robert Hipp...James Hipp...Ruth Ann Hipp. I also have some information on Stephen Sr...Stephen Jr, who remained in Mecklenburg County, NC, as well as other lines. And if I can't help you with your line myself, I can probably direct you to someone who can.
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