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Stephen Hipp, Sen'r and sons....

...lived in what would become Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. We know that his wife was named Ann, and we know that he named his wife and seven sons in his last will & testament.

Most researchers agree that Stephen Hipp, Sr. immigrated from the area of the Palatinate in what is now Germany. He may have been the Stephan Hepp who arrived in Philadelphia on October 7, 1749 aboard the "Leslie."

Apparently, Stephen was in the South Carolina lowcountry for a time. In January of 1761, a Stephen Hipp and an Anne Walkin received 150 acres in the province and bounty. We know from his Revolutionary War Pension Application that son Valentine Hipp reported that he was born in the Santee River area of South Carolina in May of 1760, and that while he was still very young, his family moved to Mecklenburg County.

Sons Valentine and Stephen, Jr. are believed to have remained in Mecklenburg County, while sons Andrew, George, John, Jacob and Joseph left Mecklenburg County for the Newberry District of South Carolina. Their mother, Ann, went with her sons to Newberry after the death of Stephen, Sr. Son John is believed to have left Newberry for the mountains of North Carolina, while son Joseph died in Cass County, Georgia.

Then there is David Hipp...evidence has been found which names David Hipp as a son of Stephen Hipp, Sr., although he was not named in the last will & testament. As it is probable that David was born around 1780, could it be that his father didn't consider him old enough to leave him a bequest when he died between 1781 and 1782? Or was David actually a grandson of Stephen, Sr.?

Descendants of Stephen Hipp, Sr. are found most commonly in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

My "Family Data" and my conclusions are not without errors!  This is a work in progress, and will evolve and change over time.  It is the responsibility of any researcher to check and confirm all material in which you have an interest, whether it be on my pages or any other genealogy-related pages.  There is no better source than an original source.

I welcome all researchers, especially those who are connected to my Hipp family.  The material at this website is protected by copyright.  It is my expectation that researchers will give credit to me for any material they copy from my website to their research.  I have discovered that many do not.

~Thanks, Donna

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